Migration, Disaster, Project
8 inches by 11 inches, 122 pages, leporello binding

Critic: Luke Bulman

This book is essentially an archival project.
It consists of three parts, as indicated by the title, dividing the spreads horizontally. Within the rigorous grid system established, each part has a different set of formal rules that help distinguish their reading. Gradually, the sections begin to transgress their limits within the grid and occupy the space within the spread in a more idiosyncratic way. While there is no real "closure" to the project, the book ends due to dwindling of time and interest...

"Migration" operates in a way suggested by its meaning, documenting the thematic associations initiated by the word "migrate."

"Disaster" is about a specific instance, the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake, and organized by a pre-established set of subjects headers that comprise a scientific reader on this particular event.

"Project" is an archival of all the articles published on the "de Young Museum" in San Francisco, going back to 1999, the first public announcement on the commissioning of architects Herzog and de Meuron, and ending in 2007, with articles on latest exhibitions.