Podium Fragmented

China Advanced Studio

Critic: Prof. Alan Plattus with Andrei Harwell
Partner: Travis Eby

The site is located on a busy stretch of Nanjing Road – Shanghai’s answer to Broadway. Initial observations of Nanjing Road’s recent development have focused the project on a study of urban fabric and the existing commercial pressures.
The analysis identified the “podium tower,” a typology consisting of two oversized parts, as the prevalent figure in the coarsening of the grain which has led to an undifferentiated streetscape and segregated urban flows.
This critique led the project through a process of fragmentation of the podium. These fragments are determined by a matrix of commercial and residential unit types, which allow for different modes of aggregation and thereby the production of a highly heterogeneous environment. The series of configurations integrate the site’s various morphologies with existing urban context.
As a result four quadrants with distinct urban characteristics arise, displaying the versatility of fragmentation method on the ground plane. The development strategy scripted for the project fosters the involvement of multiple parties.