Building Project

The Building Project program changes due to the new partnership with Common Ground organization, and incorporates a rental unit into the single mother owned house. The prospective owner is a veteran who is in need of a fully accessible house and the income generating from the 1 bedroom rental.
The site is on Kossuth street in the Hill neighborhood of New Haven, and presents specific issues of street presence, entry privacy, day lighting and yard configuration. In addition to the task of designing a New Haven house of these particular requirements, Common Ground is asking for the design of a prototype that might get deployed on other sites.
The individual proposal carries through the strategies of the previous Prototype study as far as assigning flexible and anchoring elements to accommodate different rental configurations and still preserve a strong sense of ownership for the first time home buyer.
Team C consists of members whose conceptual interests focus around the adaptability of the prototype into different reconfigurations based on the changing family structure and financial needs of the owner.