Flowing Densities

Critic: Keller Easterling

The intervention is identified as a bicycle storage and rental facility on the parking lot adjacent to the Union Station in New Haven. The facility consists of outdoor storage for bikes, cars, motorcycles and a small cafe.
The “field” in this particular project is characterized by the abrupt changes in the bike:car:pedestrian densities in city traffic due to organized events such as Critical Mass. As is anticipated by the city-published maps of New Haven, one imagines a similar event taking place here, and therefore provides the new bike facility as its hub. This biking event is not only a ritual enjoyed regularly by cycling enthusiasts but also an intervention on the traffic flows where the individual cyclists gradually transform into impenetrable “super-vehicles.”
Local and out-of-town participants store/rent bikes from the new oversized rack which serves as an iconic bike rack advertising the itself along with the popularity of the biking events. The signage situated at the terminus of the Metro-North Commuter Railroad and at the entrance to New Haven is in constant flux, reflecting the motion inherent to city traffic.
The maps tracing the state of activities in the facility over the course of a ride capture the different orders within the field. The rack as the stationary element, emphasizes how the flux of cyclers activate the dormant conditions and change the population densities of rented bikes, available bikes, cafe tables and even litter.